A leader in
clinical research

MSD has been moving the science of oncology
forward for more than 30 years.

MSD is committed to bringing hope to people with cancer:


Eight different approved medicines and supportive care therapies that treat more than 12 different cancer types

700 +

An oncology development program that includes more than 700 clinical trials ongoing and a pipeline of multiple novel mechanisms in pre-clinical and early phase development

40 +

Partnerships with more than 40 companies or research institutions on our clinical research


We believe in the work we do and are working with the entire cancer community to help people with cancer and their caregivers better navigate their journeys.

Ultimately, our work in changing the outcomes of cancer would not be possible without: …the participation of patients in clinical trials

…the support and involvement of the physicians who believe in the importance of advancing the care for patients through innovative clinical trials

We’re pushing the boundaries of science with the hope and
expectation that the medicines and vaccines we invent will lead to
better health for society for generations to come.

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