Pushing Forward in Prostate Cancer Research

Almost everyone knows somebody living with prostate cancer. In 2018, it was the fifth leading cause of cancer death among men worldwide.

The people we know are not just a statistic or a number. They are husbands, fathers, sons and brothers. They are families fighting to hang on to their dreams for the future. And that’s what we’re fighting for – aggressively building our prostate cancer research program to help advance new treatments for men who are running out of options.

“At MSD, we are passionate about fighting cancer and focusing on tumors and populations that have traditionally been underserved. I’m proud to be part of a large team working to bring hope to men and their families who are courageously fighting advanced prostate cancer.
- Markus Puhlmann, associate vice president, section head genitourinary, oncology clinical development

When prostate cancer is caught early, it generally has a better survival rate. But, for those men with locally advanced or metastatic prostate cancer, the outcomes can be dramatically different. At MSD, we are focused on trying to do more for these men.

“We are in the midst of building one of the largest and most comprehensive research programs in prostate cancer in the industry. Our goal is to find new treatment approaches across all settings of prostate cancer where there is tremendous need for new therapies.”

About Prostate Cancer

  • In 2018, there were approximately 1.3 million new cases of prostate cancer around the world and over 350,000 deaths.
  • This number is anticipated to grow to more than 700,000 deaths in 2040.