The 2017 class of the MSD Fellowship for Global Health reflects our commitment to making a difference in the world.

From developing new therapies that treat and prevent disease to helping people in need, MSD is committed to improving health and well-being around the world.

The MSD Fellowship for Global Health is one way MSD is helping answer the global health needs of the underserved. MSD employees who participate in the program are called Richard T. Clark Fellows (RTC Fellows) in honor of retired Chairman and CEO Richard T. Clark and his philosophy of passion, purpose and commitment to corporate responsibility.

Launched in 2012, the program offers MSD employees opportunities to share their skills with people around the world. As many as 30 Fellows are selected each year; the expertise of the applicants is matched to the needs of the partner organizations. During the three-month assignments, the Fellows are embedded within a non-profit organization in the field.


It's fitting that the eighth class of the MSD Fellowship for Global Health program recently held its onboarding meetings in Johannesburg, South Africa – home of Nelson Mandela, the late statesman and Nobel Peace Prize laureate who was renowned for unifying diverse groups. The 29 Fellows represent 14 countries and will support 10 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in Africa, India, North America, South America and the Caribbean. Their three-month assignments started in August.

This year, as in prior years, we are proud to have a talented and diverse group of Fellows participate in the program, says Chris Funk, who leads the Fellowship program in the Office of Corporate Responsibility. "Teams of highly-skilled Fellows, who are passionate about our company's mission to save and improve lives around the world, are assigned to nonprofit partners to help build their capacity and impact local communities. We believe that by integrating diverse skill sets, experiences and points of view into each team, we can enhance the creativity and innovation, yielding sustainable results for our nonprofit partners.”


Each Fellowship assignment is supported by a cross-functional team of three or four former Fellows. Together, these Fellows form professional networks that reach not only across the organization but across cultural and geographic differences, too.

“The Fellowship for Global Health was a unique opportunity to enhance my personal life through volunteering and exploring different cultures, but also the perfect opportunity to build on my professional skills and ability to think critically about issues impacting communities,” says Julie Sievert, 2016 RTC Fellow and current Fellowship mentor.


The Fellowship is a field-based corporate pro bono program that embeds highly qualified MSD employees into NGOs. During their assignments, the RTC Fellows use their talents and skills to provide hands-on assistance with projects that aid people around the globe by helping these NGOs improve the quality of their programs, increase operational effectiveness and expand their geographic scope. RTC Fellows work on a broad range of NGO projects from marketing to logistics and sustainability.


Corporate responsibility at MSD is a commitment to discovering innovative solutions to the world's greatest health challenges while growing our business in a sustainable way.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility is reflected in:

  • Our policies and practices
  • The commercial models and initiatives we employ to build and sustain our business and expand access to health
  • The philanthropic programs that support our mission and contribute to society
  • Our engagement and communication with our stakeholders including customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and communities

Learn more about the Fellowship program and our other Corporate Responsibility initiatives.