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Our leadership team

Our leaders guide our mission to save and improve lives around the world.

The spirit of invention starts with our values

Good corporate governance is essential to serving our patients and achieving long-term shareholder value. We are committed to governance policies and practices that serve the interest of our company and its many stakeholders. For this reason, we devote considerable time and resources to making sure that:

  • Our policies reflect our values and business goals
  • We have an effective corporate governance structure
  • We are operating in an open, honest and transparent way
our leadership team

Executive team

Our executive team manages the strategic direction of the company.  Our leaders come from all areas of the business to help position us to succeed.


Board of directors

Our board of directors brings diverse perspectives, skills and areas of expertise important to fostering the company’s business success. The board is dedicated to effective oversight of the business and the key risks facing the company.