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Policies & positions

We aspire to be open and transparent to earn the trust and confidence of our stakeholders.

We work to achieve our business objectives responsibly for all

We support policies that promote the interest of patients, improve public health and promote access to medicines, vaccines and innovations. We develop policy positions, adopt industry-leading standards, communicate openly and seek those who share our mission.

Access & affordability

We work to save and improve lives around the world by inventing breakthrough medicines and vaccines — and ensuring they're available and affordable to patients who need them.


Innovation is the heart of our company. That's why we support policies that promote research and development investments and put patient needs first.

Public health & environmental sustainability

We take a firm stand on many public health issues confronting people and society today, including climate change, antimicrobial resistance and using water more efficiently, to name just a few.

Transparency & responsible behavior

We're committed to ethics and human rights and are committed to achieving our business objectives responsibly for all.