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Global emergency response

We’re committed to supporting communities around the world that are affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises. We look to local authorities and humanitarian relief agencies to first assess need and then respond in a timely, coordinated manner.

Our impact

Humanitarian relief in 2018-2022


Cash and product giving combined

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We’re committed to supporting communities in need

How we're helping those impacted by natural disasters as well as health and humanitarian crises (2018-2022):



  • California wildfires (U.S.) (pictured on left)
  • Monsoonal flooding (India)
  • Hurricane Florence (U.S.)
  • Hurricane Michael (U.S.)
  • Earthquakes and tsunami (Indonesia)


  • Emergency health intervention in Colombia
  • California wildfires (U.S.)
  • Cyclone Idai (Mozambique) (pictured on right)
  • Hurricane Dorian (Bahamas and U.S.)
Broken buildings that are destroyed from Beirut's port explosion August 4th 2020


  • Australian wildfires
  • COVID-19 response
  • Puerto Rico earthquake
  • Beirut explosion (pictured on left)
  • Hurricanes Eta and Iota (Honduras, Colombia)
  • West Coast wildfires (U.S.)
  • Gulf Coast hurricanes (U.S.)
Hospital ER


  • COVID-19 response (pictured on right)
  • Earthquake (Haiti)
  • Hurricane Ida (U.S.)
Cianjur, Indonesia – 25 November, 2022 : The rescue team evacuated the bodies of the earthquake victims after the deadly earthquake in cianjur


  • Humanitarian response to the crisis in Ukraine
  • Hurricane Fiona (U.S.)
  • Hurricane Ian (U.S.)
  • Earthquake (Indonesia) (pictured on left)