Creating a new world in Minecraft for students to explore

Periodic Odyssey

November 8, 2021

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Our passion for invention isn’t limited to the healthcare industry and the patients we serve; it drives us to inspire the next generation of inventors. So, we created a new approach to science-based learning.

Periodic Odyssey is a new world in Minecraft where students explore, search for and find elements from the periodic table and unlock the power of science with special in-game rewards.

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Using the game’s traditional pickaxe and custom element-inspired skins, players will explore our completely unique, immersive Minecraft map to hunt for all naturally-occurring elements.

After bringing the elements back to the science lab, they’ll see the fruits of their labor, amassing the collection of found elements, unlocking sections of the lab by doing so, and being rewarded with special tools to help with their search as the rarer elements become more challenging to find.  ​It all adds up to make screen time into learning time, and to spark inspiration in budding scientists.

This new map will be available in both Minecraft: Education Edition, for use in classrooms, and Minecraft, open to all players all over the world.

Our hope is that we can foster an interest in the sciences among young people that will lead to a future full of invention.

"Periodic Odyssey has the potential to increase student familiarity with both those elements (and symbols) met in a typical school curriculum as well as those, such as the rare earth elements, that are integral to modern life."

Association for Science Education (ASE)

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